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That’s what I’ve said to  myself this morning. Blunt I know but I needed to give myself a bit of tough love. 

Like everyone, I had great plans at the beginning of lockdown to rid myself of winter weight but only to get weighed down by Corona and surfing for answers to this curious pandemic.  

So that resolution got dunked faster than a chocolate digestive. 

The pounds piled on top of my excuses so much so that I now look forward to hiding m double chin want to hide my double chin behind a mask. 

A sorry state of affairs even if I say so myself.

Especially when you consider metabolic fitness is a key indicator of survival from Covid 19.

So today is the day, I’m changing my fat forming habits by actively diverting my biochemistry away from insulin spikes to steady state low glucose levels that encourage my fat cells to slim down. 

I came across an insightful observation by the great low carb pioneer Gary Taubes, that made an awful lot of sense to yours truly.

He opined “that the two things any one of us would do to work up an appetite are the very same two things that we tell obese people to do to lose weight , ” eat less and exercise more” – there is somethig wrong with this thinking”.

We need to look a little deeper and work with our bodies to shift our metabolism into the right gear.

So I’m embarking on a tried and tested protocol that will drop the inches and rev up my energy levels.

I’d be very happy to walk you hand in hand through it with me. It is an investment so don’t message me unless you think you are worth it. 

I decided I am – are you?