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Understandably, there’s a lot of talk about the coronavirus pandemic.

Yes, sad but true, the disease fits WHO criteria for one – A pandemic is the worldwide spread of a new disease.

Not good news.

To buck the negativity,  I wanted to get to you my research on how to reduce the risk of catching this particularly new virulent virus.

Despite the panic, there are a number of things you can do to keep you and your family safe.

I started writing all the nuggets I’d found in one email but it filled too many pages.

And at this time I really want to help you IMPLEMENT as many of these ideas as you can because it does matter.

So my in my wily way I have packaged the info in short and sharp missives it’s got more chance of being acted on.

This is a community effort. Lives really do depend on it.

With that are you sitting comfortably? Let’s begin.

As always simple things first – wash hands regularly with soap and water and use tissues to sneeze or cough into. Dispose of them in the bin (rather than in a pile next to the bed waiting to be picked up by mumzy, like my kids do).

Then wash your hands.

If we do pick up the virus we definitely don’t want it to make our body home sweet home.

We have to  prevent the virus sticking if it gets into your lungs or more generally your mucus membranes
(they’re the pink delicate insides of orifices such as the eyes or mouth) because are the first stop on the high way to the lungs

A mask stops you touching your mouth and delivering the virus onto your mucus membranes. The jury is out on whether is prevents water droplets laden with virus getting inside of you.

These droplets do land on things.

So remember wash your hands.

Note :Alcohol gels need to be at least 60% alcohol to kill viruses. Useful if you can’t get to water and your hands are physically clean.

If they aren’t wash your hands.

And finally, something I’ll do a separate more in depth post about later is – breath through your nose.

Don’t laugh, I’m being deadly serious.

The body has built mechanisms in the nasal passage to reduce the infectivity of pathogens – more simply put the nose despite being a gateway to the lungs the nose is a very hostile environment to viruses.

So you want to first meet Mr Coronavius in your nose not your mouth.

And being  more conscious of breath – will reduce your stress too. Very important in these uncertain times.

If you are unfortunate enough to develop a flu like illness then stay indoors to prevent spread. Don’t go visiting your local health center. You can ring your doctor and ask for advice – remember we want to keep as many doctors and nurses healthy as we can to help the really sick ones.

And make sure you are washing your hands regularly.

Tomorrow you’ll find out how mummy’s milk can be your number one defense and how a little known yeast can boost your immunity.