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There are reports that we have moved out of the Government’s ‘Contain’ phase in to the ‘Delay’ phase’

I am sure by the time you receive this email things will be a lot clearer… well perhaps…

I mentioned the simple common sense stuff yesterday which may have had you thinking why you’d subscribed to my newsletter when all that stuff is in the news.

As you know (especially if you have kids) often it’s the messenger that has impact rather than the message. Also been reminded multiple times is effective.

So I wanted to reiterate the basic stuff which is easy to forget ( like most things in life).

However now on to the interesting lesser know secrets of scientific research you’ve been waiting for.

Coronavirus, as I mentioned, attaches to the mucus membranes and then travels down to the lungs.

Our bodies are smart and produce antibodies that neutralise the virus before it can stick to the cells.

These are surface antibodies – sIgA and sIgG.

There are a number of ways that you can increase the sIgAs and sIgG.

One way is to borrow them from somewhere else.

We do this as babies from our mother’s milk especially from the first milk that comes in colostrum. It is rich in antibodies that protect the little one.

No I am not saying drink human breast milk …

The idea of passing passive immunity there has been research done with other viruses and secretion of antibodies into milk and colostrum.

That is animals that are infected with virus are found to have antibodies in their milk that can be passed on by drinking their milk.

These antibodies can then be carried to the recipients mucosa – nifty heh?

And in fact even colostrum from disease free cows has been shown to increase mucosal immunity.

There are a number of studies ( for the keen all the references will be on my blog) showing this.

Most colostrum comes in capsules and can be taken conveniently as a supplement. Mummy milk in pills.

The studies used 6-12 week supplementation to increase mucosal immunity.

It can be pricey but might be something you wish to add if you regularly get colds and coughs.

I’m getting some for my oldest son as he is forever getting coughs and colds which I put down to him being so big he had to be cut out with a c-section. This is well documented in reducing beneficial microbiome in the lungs.

Tomorrow’s instalment of news will be on something my family has used for a few years and had exceptional results with.